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Whapmagoostui Sundance

A Path on the Good Red Road

"In a Sundance, the Sacred Tree is placed in the center of the Sundance Lodge; it represents the Great Spirit, our Ancestors, and all Creation. All elements of the Lodge's structure are joined at its center to remind us of our interconnectedness in kinship with all Creation."

we dance for life!

In a Sacred Sundance Ceremony, we dance for our healing and well-being, for loved ones, friends and others who may be ill or facing life’s difficult challenges, for the healing of Mother Earth, for the well-being all beings in the Natural world, and for our human family. We dance for life (pemadsewin)!

Upcoming events

4th Sundance Singing/Meeting

The 4th Sundance meeting will take place on Thursday, July 1st, 20

2021 Whapmagoostui Sundance

Our 2021 Sundance Gathering will take place on July 1 – 4, 2021.

Come and join us!

Anyone may attend a Sundance as a supporter, a dancer, a helper, a healer, a volunteer or observer.

Everyone is welcome!

Come and join us!