Whapmagoostui Sundance 2021

As you all know, we postponed our 2020 Sundance due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We have decided that we will have our 2021 Sundance, subject to established COVID protocols at that time of our Sundance, July 1 – 4, 2021. We will keep you posted.

Soon the smoke from our Sacred Fire will rise to the heavens, the Drum and the Songs will sound throughout the Universe, the Eagle Whistles will call for the attention of the Great Father and the Sacred Tree will channel our prayers to Him. In return, His healing energy will channel to all those in need of healing.

We invite all those who have had the calling to Sundance, to help with the running of this sacred Ceremony, the Singers, the Elders, the Healers, and the Fire-Keepers. We will greatly appreciate your presence.

For more information on the Sundance and updates, please visit our Facebook page http://whapmagoostuisundance.com/