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oujé-bougamou sundancer

The Sundance opened my eyes to what really matters to me.

– Oujé-Bougoumou Sundancer

Chisasibi Sundancer

The Sundance has helped in my own personal development in many ways, spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally. It has built my respect for spiritually. I have approached ceremonies in a humble manner because I understand the importance of respecting the spiritual laws. It has taught me a lot about family values, friendship, and support, the power of healing and self-reflection.

The Sundance has helped learn to let go past negative experiences. It has taught me that when it comes to healing a community you have to start with yourself. I have developed an understanding of spiritual guidance, the importance of dreams, reading messages through the land. Building a connection with the Tree of Life, the Great Creator, the land and all that surrounds life.

– Chisasibi Sundancer

Eastmain Sundancer

I am a man who has been in and out of treatment center. The Sundance gave me a healthy life style and been sober ever since I joint the Sundance family. I’m grateful for that from the bottom of my heart!

– Eastmain Sundancer

Daughter of a Sundancer

Since my mother has decided to take part in a Sundance, she has become an avid learner and a teacher in her own way. By creating spaces and opportunities for people to share their teachings, as well as her own, she is making an impact in her family and community.

Another way of seeing this, is the drop of water that creates ripples; her journey to learn and to share has made my mother an advocate for a strong Eeyou culture, starting from one person to all those around her.

– Daughter of a Sundancer

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