Our Values

The following are our values as Sundancers. We encourage all Sundancers and participants of our Sundance Gathering to follow them to the heart at all times.

COURAGE: No matter how difficult situations may get (for dancers and staff alike) remember the reason you’re here: to improve your health & well-being and that of your family, your community, your nation and the world. As such, you must take all possible effort to overcome with courage all difficult situations, in whatever form they may present themselves.

HONESTY: Be honest at all times to others and to yourself.

HUMILITY: Be humble to others at all times (applies to every dancer and participant of the Sundance).

COMPASSION: Show compassion to each and everyone around you.

RESPECT: Show respect to others at all times, especially to the elders.

SHARING: Share the best values of Eeyou cultural traditions to those seeking to heal their lives and live a healthy and happy lifestyle.

WISDOM: You’re here to seek wisdom. Listen to the Elders’ life’s teachings from the heart. The wisdom that you receive from Elders at a Sundance is what will carry you throughout your life.