Whapmagoostui Sundance

 The Whapmagoostui Sundance takes place in the Cree community of Whapmagoostui, QC. under the direction of Cree Sundance Chief Matthew Mukash and his partner-in-life Danielle Mukash. For more information on the Sundacne, please click on the dropdown submenus on our Main Menu.

Whapmagoostui Sundance family

The Whapmagoostui Sundance family consists of the Sundance Chief and his family, the Sundancers and their family members, Elders, volunteers, helpers, and supporters – all working toward achieving balance and harmony within the individual, family, community, and nation.

We support one another on our life’s journey as did our ancestors since the beginning of time.

Our  annual Sundance Gathering in Whapmagoostui takes place each summer in the second week of July and lasts for four (4) days, starting on a Thursday and ending on Sunday.

Throughout the year, four (4) Sundance meetings are held with the purpose keeping the moment up for dancers and their families to receive the guidance and support they need to sustain their health and well-being and live a balanced lifestyle.

The Sundance is not only a ceremony in itself, but a forum for delivering the Original Teachings of our Ancestors that have been passed down generations since time immemorial. It is here Elders share their teachings gained from long life experiences. We hope many of you will come and join us!

Watchiya (greetings)! and Meegwetch (thank you)!


Our Vision

We envision a community in which every child is taught their true identity, language, culture, ancestral way of life, and to find their life’s purpose, their gifts in life. And to walk in balance and harmony with all living beings, to respect Mother Earth, and to always walk closely with the Great Spirit.

Our Mission

We heal ourselves to help build a brighter future for our youth, creating a world in which everyone walks in balance and lives in a healthy lifestyle – protecting, honouring their identity, practicing their cultural way of life with pride and dignity.


The following are our core values our Elders instruct us to apply in life at all times. During the course of the Sundance, we encourage all Sundancers and participants of our Sundance to follow them to the heart at all times.

COURAGE: No matter how difficult situations may get (for dancers and staff alike) remember the reason you’re here: to improve your health & well-being and that of your family, your community, the world’s human family, and Mother Earth. As such, you must take all possible effort to overcome with courage all difficult situations, in whatever form they may present themselves.

HONESTY: Be honest at all times with others and with yourself.

HUMILITY: Be humble to others at all times (applies to every dancer and participant of the Sundance).

COMPASSION: Show compassion to each and everyone around you, and offer help where needed.

RESPECT: Show respect to others at all times, particularly to the elders.

SHARING: Share the best values that you know of Eeyou culture with those seeking to heal their lives and live a healthy and happy lifestyle.

WISDOM: You’re here to seek the knowledge and wisdom to become healthy in all respects, and be the best human being that you can be, so that you can set a good example for others. From the heart, listen to the Elders’ teachings about life. The wisdom that you receive from them at a Sundance is what will carry you throughout your life.